GlobeBusters take on Triumph


British motorcycle expedition experts GlobeBusters will be riding Triumph adventure bikes from 2015.

Following successful testing on this year’s 13,000-mile London to Bangkok overland trip, GlobeBusters will be running Triumph Tiger Explorer XCs and Tiger 800 XCs during 2015 with their expedition leaders and support riders aboard the British bikes.

The Tigers will be put through their paces on two major expeditions in 2015. The first of which is called the ‘Ace to Ace’ which follows a 12,000-mile route from London’s Ace Cafe across Europe and through Central Asia, Iran and Tibet to the new Ace Cafe in Beijing. The motorcycles and riders will need to cope with long stretches of unpaved dirt roads and altitudes as high as 4000 metres.

This will be followed by a 7500 journey across Africa, from Kenya to Cape Town in South Africa, facing high temperatures and gravel roads.

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