Triumph Adventure Riding Training can now loan you a Tiger 800XC for an adventure experience in the Malvern Hills.

If you’ve ever thought about the excitement of off-road riding, but don’t have either a suitable bike or the level of skill to keep going when the road ends, then Triumph Adventure Rider Training is a great place to start!

The training, which is provided by expedition specialists Trailquest, is based on over 1,000 acres of private country estate in the Malvern Hills, Worcestershire, and can now offer you a Tiger 800XC loan bike as part of the available courses.

We use the superb Tiger 800XC for several reasons. Its a light, well balanced and accessible machine with progressive power delivery and is also perfect for the shorter rider. The exceptionally well built 800XC is strong and more than capable of handling demanding terrain. It’s ability to manage rough treatment also means the occasional drop doesn’t require superhuman effort to pick up putting you back on the trail in no time.

For more information see our Adventure Rider Training section.

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