Safety should be top of every motorcyclist's priority list which is why we think you should take a look at a new safety app brought to you by REALRIDER®.

REALRIDER® is a new technology developed specifically for motorcyclists that operates REALsafe®, a GPS route tracker via smartphone that determines if you’ve suffered a crash, where you are and then, if required, alerts the NHS ambulance service even if you’re unconscious.

How does it work?
The REAL RIDER app uses accelerometer, gyro and GPS technology found in your smartphone to help the emergency services find you quickly should you crash*. The app sends your location, contact number and vital information to an Ambulance Control Room where they’ll attempt to contact you. If you’re injured and cannot respond, they make the decision to dispatch the most appropriate ambulance based upon your location.

In addition to the ground breaking safety features the app can also be used to record points of interest, share your riding experiences and record your favourite routes or connect with other riders. There's even a dedicated online platform for managing your routes, uploading videos or displaying your biking heritage.

What do I have to do?
1. Register with REAL RIDER at
2. Download the app from iTunes on your smartphone and log in
3. Set up and enable Emergency Assist within the app
4. Record your routes (automatically monitors for accidents if enabled)

What if I have an Android Smartphone?
Android users will receive a notification from REALRIDER® when the app is available to download from Google Play. By registering before May 23rd it will ensure you receive the Premium app free of charge.

For more info or to register visit

*Algorithms within the REALsafe software analyse changes in your smartphone's behaviour during a crash. It does not detect or record your speed.

The Real Rider App has not been tried or tested by Triumph Motorcycles and is not a Triumph recommended or endorsed product.

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