GlobeBusters Ace to Ace Launch

25/04/2015 - 01/01/0001

On Saturday 25th April, breakfast diners at London's iconic and world-famous Ace Cafe will witness the start of an epic 12,000-mile ride overland, scheduled to arrive in Beijing on 13th July, in time for the grand opening of China’s first ever Ace Cafe.

The extraordinary motorcycle journey is being organised and led by GlobeBusters. For expedition leader Kevin Sanders, this will be his sixth trip along Asia’s legendary Silk Road, which includes reaching Everest Base Camp, as well as travelling through Iran for the first time since 2011. Fifteen participants are signed up for the journey, from countries as diverse as Russia, Switzerland, South Africa and Australia, all using their own bikes.

Beijing is home to one of a growing number of officially-licensed Ace premises, planned to include opening in regions as diverse as Japan, North America and across Europe.

In keeping with the British spirit, Expedition Leader Kevin Sanders will be riding a 1200cc Triumph Explorer GlobeBuster Special Edition adventure bike on this epic journey.

The Ace to Ace Expedition – billed as the ‘ultimate burn-up’ - leaves Ace Cafe London at 9am on Saturday 25th April, with a police escort, to complete the spectacle - all riders are invited to join this send-off!

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